Creating a website is like building a house. For a successful product you need: planning and a stable foundation. The process is composed of three steps and we can help you with each one of them.
Step one: Talk to us about your needs.
Contact us and discuss the project and goals.

Step two: Gather and organize the complete content.
Ask yourself: Which information is the most important? What do you wish to emphasize?
How many pages do you need and how to get to certain information quickest? A well-designed navigation will keep the visitors on your website.
Generally speaking, when you start creating a website it’s best to focus on the basic information through which you wish to communicate with the visitors. The entire website will be composed of multi-media content: text, pictures, photographs, videos, illustrations… So think about it – which content should be incorporated into certain pages, because they can really improve the visual and informative impression of the visitor. A picture says a thousand words – especially in the world of web design.

Step three: Think about your design.
Look at examples on the Internet. By doing that, you will form an idea about the aesthetic and functionality of your presentation. That way you save time and money, and in the end the result is a web presentation the way you wanted it, which will display desired information to your visitors.



A corporate identity represents a complete graphical identity of your company, which presents you to potential clients in public. A corporate identity is not only a logo or a name of the company, even though they are the most prominent components. It needs to join all of the different business elements into a single whole. A corporate identity allows the company to build recognizability and loyalty with clients. One of the most important attributes of an efficient identity campaign is constant application of these elements in all forms of communication, from business cards to computer presentations and employees’ uniforms.

All of the above, in time, contributes to emphasizing your product relative to the competition. You gain permanent consumers and win over the market, not only with quality but also recognizability, in other words – a brand.
Goals which a good brand needs are:
That it carries a clear message
That it affirms its credibility
That it motivates the buyer
That it gains a loyal client
In order to succeed in branding you need to understand the needs and desires of your buyers and clients. You can achieve that by integrating your branding strategies through different media.
You brand stays in the hearts and heads of your clients. It is a sum of experiences and perception, some of which you can influence with your consistency, with which you win the trust of your clients.
A strong brand is invaluable, and that is why it is important to spend time investing into researching, defining and constructing your brand. After all, your brand is the source of the promise to its consumers. It is a basic element of marketing communication, which contributes to further growth of the company and engages the client long-term.



Graphic design is “the art of visual communication which combines images, words and ideas and transfers it to the audience”. A graphic designer is responsible for arranging and using elements in different types of media, and those are the elements which contribute to a successful formation of corporate identity and brand-building.
Graphic design is all around us. It is in our morning paper, on the cover of our favorite book, a part of television commercials and shows, on the bus stations etc.
Belonging to the domain of design are:
Logo | Business cards | Memos | Flyers/pamphlets | Advertisements | Books | Brochures | Catalogues | Posters | Packaging | Magazines | Newspaper | Greeting cards | Billboards | Roll ups | Banners | Vehicle, uniform, package branding…



Why is it important to hire a photographer?
How many times have you been concerned whether you may download a photograph from the Internet and use it in a design? Is it just what you wanted, or: “it’s not really my product, but it looks like it…”? And it surely happened that the photographs were too small or in a very bad resolution / quality.
If you have encountered anything of the above, or you wish to avoid it happening, hire us. That way you will get photographs which satisfy all your needs, whether they are pictures which should be used in your promotional content, on the web site, or photographs which will save your life’s important moments from being forgotten.
Photograph your products, because that is the only way to establish a client’s / consumer’s trust.
Photograph your events, because that way you will preserve your brand building.
Photograph your most important people and moments in life, because that way you know why you’re here and validate all the effort.